The natural plant booster

rhizo powe by nadicom – a selection of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB)

nadicom is an established microbiology company and has expanded in recent years into the agriculture and horticulture sectors. With over a decade experience in strain isolation and characterisation, we select bacterial and fungal strains for developing yield enhancing and protective bio-fertilisers.


Our product portfolio

rhizo powe High Bloom

for enhanced blooming and disease free plants

  • For direct spraying onto soils, seeds and bulbs while planting

  • Content: 500 mL

rhizo powe Increased Crop

for higher yields of vegetables and disease free crops

  • For direct spraying onto soils, seeds and bulbs while planting

  • Content: 500 mL

The application of rhizo powe High Bloom and rhizo power® Increased Crop is simple.These products are ready-to-use after diluting with water and should be applied at seed and bulb sowing or as a soil booster post rotavating, when the soil has being prepared for sowing. This product can be applied with a herbicide.

rhizo powe products can also be used as a soil booster, a natural tonic, to add life into tired overused soil.

rhizo powe rhizobia inoculant

for enhanced nitrogen fixation of legumes

  • For direct spraying onto seeds before planting

  • for coating of seeds

  • Content: different packaging available

Key products in our range:

  • rhizo powe a culture of various bacteria

rhizo powe High Bloom for flowers 

rhizo powe Increased Crop for crops

  • Rhizobia for nitrogen-fixing of legumes


Our vision
To offer alternative solutions to pesticides for crop management for both commercial growers and hobby gardeners and to offer indigenous solutions for indigenous problems. The bacteria we use in the bio-fertiliser are called Plant Growth Promoting bacteria (PGPB). There is no waste produced in the production of our products. 


Advantages of rhizo powe

  • Higher yields due to natural fertilizer

  • Healthy disease free plants

  • Sustainable organic enrichment of the soil

  • International organic certifications (IOFGA, FiBL)

Field trials

We currently conduct field trials in Germany, Ireland and Italy which include Beans, Peas, Lucerne/Alfalfa, Soya and Grass. Results are available here. Please contact our sales team for more information.

For orders, and questions regarding our product, please send us a message on this page or contact us directly.